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Esoteric Acupuncture


What is esoteric acupuncture?

Esoteric acupuncture is the practice of clearing and balancing the energy spin points in the body, known as Chakras.


Esoteric Acupuncture is used to help with:


  • Expanding your spiritual awareness

  • Aligning your chakras

  • Shifting your reality to higher dimensions

  • Strengthening and toning your qi

  • Enhancing your immune system

  • Connecting with multidimensional realities

  • Awakening subconscious wisdom to expand consciousness

  • Heightening your awareness  

  • Cultivating your oneness with the universe

  • Releasing spiritual “baggage”


How does it work?

The goal of esoteric acupuncture is spiritual awakening and alignment. Esoteric acupuncture is the practice of clearing and balancing the energy spin points in the body, known as Chakras.


While other forms of acupuncture and body work target ailments, esoteric acupuncture helps align our spiritual, higher self with our current physical existence.


Think of it like a spiritual tune-up, a practice to guide us back home to our body’s energy frequencies so we can live life to the fullest potential. This is the biggest difference between esoteric acupuncture and other types of body work: the focus on prevention and wellness vs treating an existing ailment.


Using sacred geometric patterns and intentional needle placement, esoteric acupuncture does not directly address imbalances, but rather helps us avoid needing future treatments. 


During an esoteric acupuncture treatment, your practitioner will first discuss the intentions of your session with you. This is when you can explain anything you’d like to address or focus on, and can even include a visualization or meditation to help focus on your intention.


These treatments are usually done on both the front and back of the body. One session will usually take anywhere between 60 and 75 minutes. After the needles have been placed, your practitioner will guide you through a visualization to activate the esoteric acupuncture treatment.


You'll then be left to rest. When the session is complete on both sides, your practitioner will help you access the healing you received even after your treatment. 


The effects of esoteric acupuncture treatments vary from person to person -- some people may feel changes quickly and obviously in their lives, or they may come slowly and subtly, trickling in not-so-obviously.


Just remember that there’s no “right” way to respond to esoteric acupuncture. Your spiritual journey is unique to you, and this treatment is designed to help you grow. 

The importance of preventive wellness

We shouldn’t wait until we’re experiencing pain and distress to pay attention to our innerworkings. We owe it to ourselves to invest in preventive care so we can avoid future ailments and imbalances.


Through the practices of esoteric acupuncture, we can lay the groundwork for a truly aligned, balanced body and spirit.

Esoteric acupuncture is typically a painless treatment. Your acupuncturist will guide you with calming breathing techniques to ease any nerves

or fear of needles.

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