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Our Three Promises


Dynamic Offerings

Acupuncture, bloodletting, fire cupping, gua sha, tui n, moxibustion, reiki, medical qi gong, cosmetic facial acupuncture, and more.


Experienced Hands

Each treatment is curated for you and only you. Creating a space of comfort and safety, Cassis weaves diverse modalities to empower self healing.

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100% Satisfaction

We honor your body and spirit with great care and reverence. We stand behind our promise to have you feeling better than when you arrived. Full refunds welcome. 
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Meet Your Practitioner

Dr. Cassis My Linh 

Cassis's true passion is to assist bringing her patients back home into their bodies. Into their truth. Into their balance. To a safe place of deserving happiness, self love, eternal confidence, and freedom. We do this, at Komorebi, with a blend of healing practices such as acupuncture, fire cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, bloodletting, integrating mindfulness practices, breath work, movement, Chinese herbal formulas and much more. 

L.Ac, D.C.M, Dipl. OM

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Dive deeper into your healing with our monthly journals.

Created to educate those who crave a deeper understanding of self healing. There are many paths that lead to the same peak. How you get there, is up to you. Meaning, there are countless ways to heal your body and spirit. However, no one knows what you need, better than you do.


My hope is that within these writings, you will find your truth. What you are most called to, is typically an indication that it's right for you. We will write about tantric wisdom, healing & preserving sexual energy, reiki, plant medicines, permaculture, benefits of grounding, blue light exposure, Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine, and so much more.

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